Witnessing nightlife in India Lively by Mypurplemartini



Get carried away with the humming song usually sung at the reported cities of the country. Wave your hands and legs and shake your waist with the strike of the cord. Attending events and shows have become the trend of the young generations. Nightlife in India is at the crest. Guys and gals just fasten their belt to be in sync with the latest heartthrobs from around the globe. Blowing whistles and thumping feet are the most apparent phenomenon in these pools of shows. Youngsters just go crazy and are after the artists playing the notes. Extravagance and freedom speak loudmouth.

Spend nightlife in Delhi with Shankar Sahney & DJ Akshat. 4th of august sharp at 9pm is going to witness the mad guys and gals reciprocating the artists. The madness will last till 5th august until 1am. Not to be forgotten this live event is going to take place at PEPPERS, The Bristol Hotel, DLF Phase 1 in New Delhi. Precisely speaking the venue is in Gurgaon which is in the outskirt of the capital city. And from whom else it is hidden that the city youngsters are not freak? It’s time to have the blasts. Just step in and enjoy the moments with cheerful moods.

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