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Enjoying the Nightlife in India at a Concessional Rate

Here comes another chance in the city to hang around with friends of opposite sexes at Tryst Music Café in New Delhi. Experience the blast of the sensational Dj to make you groove with ultimate enthusiasm. It could have been an opportunity that you might have longed for months. Fasten your belt to stay balanced […]

MPM card simplifying your presence to the events in India

What is the objective that motivates an individual? Definitely, it is the pursuit of happiness. Long sustenance of working hours eventually culminates in making you fulfilled with sheer satisfaction. Then to stay connected to the workstation persistently needs frequent amusement from the outsides. This entails occasional visit to the hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges and to […]

Find best deals in India at Largest lifestyle portal

A nightlife social networking portal is need of the hour today. A website that offers the best deals in India whether it is live shows, parties, information about bars and pubs or various shopping centers is indeed needed. is such a website, which provides a large range of service from finding venues of concerts […]