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MPM card simplifying your presence to the events in India

What is the objective that motivates an individual? Definitely, it is the pursuit of happiness. Long sustenance of working hours eventually culminates in making you fulfilled with sheer satisfaction. Then to stay connected to the workstation persistently needs frequent amusement from the outsides. This entails occasional visit to the hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges and to […]

A Way Led to the Best Artists in Delhi with MPM Card

Words fall too short to define the nightlife in the metros. Visiting cafes, cafeterias and discos are just the estimates of the party freak people of the cities. This is an opportunity to them to manifest their extravagance and frolic nature. This is meant for everyone. However, people respond in accordance to their affordability. A […]

NIGHT LIFE IN INDIA: On a positive side

It is now quite easy to find out about nightlife of different countries on global social community websites. India’s nightlife is rapidly growing and diverse according to different cities. One can find everything from bars, pubs to big multi level clubs. Traditional interests are taken into consideration by hosting cultural performances in these venues. . […]