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Lifestyle is Changing With the Need of Nightlife in India

While India is not especially known for a wild and crazy nightlife scene, it does not mean that there is any dearth of it in the country. Whether you seek a beer pub with rock music covers melding themselves into the background or a dance club, complete with vodka shots, upbeat music and disco lights, […]

My talking about Nightlife in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the first metropolitan cities of India. Like its counterparts around the country, Kolkata too offers a broad array of nightlife entertainment ranging from posh to sleazy. The area around Park Street is home to some of the finest restaurants and pubs, which provide an ideal ambience to grab a few drinks […]

Find best deals in India at Largest lifestyle portal

A nightlife social networking portal is need of the hour today. A website that offers the best deals in India whether it is live shows, parties, information about bars and pubs or various shopping centers is indeed needed. is such a website, which provides a large range of service from finding venues of concerts […]