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The Revival of Nightlife in India With MPM Card

The British invasion has indeed brought revolution in the lifestyle of the Indians and therefore India should be indebted to it. This comes obvious as at least the people have learned to emulate the western trend. This is quite apparent in the kinds of dresses they wear and the foods and drinks they drool over. […]

Mypurplemartini- Enjoy the Flavour of Partying With Us

The youth of today’s time is mostly allured towards any kind of night life which may include drinks, party and loads more. They keep on searching for places where the nightlife is the best. They search for a place, which has good discos, good night clubs, good party atmosphere and where they can enjoy to […]

Nightlife of India – Experience & Explore says mypurplemartini

With the advent of globalization, the Indian economy improved drastically. With people getting better-paid jobs and more jobs for the youth, the young India now stands on its feet. With this, the effect of the west has not been far behind. An affluent, comfortable and a fresh lifestyle is what every young individual of India […]