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MPM card simplifying your presence to the events in India

What is the objective that motivates an individual? Definitely, it is the pursuit of happiness. Long sustenance of working hours eventually culminates in making you fulfilled with sheer satisfaction. Then to stay connected to the workstation persistently needs frequent amusement from the outsides. This entails occasional visit to the hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges and to […]

Looking for deals in India by

A business – regardless of what type of business it is – relies on customer’s loyalty and support. As people’s loyalty lies with the one who gives them the best deal, companies need to thrive for providing best quality of experience/product at the best possible price. Providing coupons, discounts, advantage “points”, and various types of […]

Find perfect deals in India for events and live shows

Nightlife in India is gradually becoming more happening and rocking in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This actually reflects the changing outlook of modern India, where hectic schedules and demanding lifestyle leaves the youngster a little time to have some means of recreation. Already exhausted by the day’s work, one will never want to […]