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The eternal MPM card with Nightlife in India has brought closer the Indian restaurants and bars with the forthcoming events. Visiting the former followed by the latter will now instill in you greater enjoyment and satisfaction. Such intention comes with seasonal blend of offers. This might have intrigued you a lot to know about the objective of this organization. offers membership […] answers for nightlife in Delhi

Delhi the capital city of India is a hot and happening city. Youngsters are just guided by one protocol, “Work hard & party harder.” Every now and then & then and there events take place in common hours. Once attended and the addiction factor will soar high, such is the impact of these rocking parties. […]

Mypurplemartini- Enjoy the Flavour of Partying With Us

The youth of today’s time is mostly allured towards any kind of night life which may include drinks, party and loads more. They keep on searching for places where the nightlife is the best. They search for a place, which has good discos, good night clubs, good party atmosphere and where they can enjoy to […]