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Being the Ardent Contestant of Nightlife in India

Unless you experience some of the unconventional nature of partying its taste cannot be understood. Find out an opportunity where such session is going to last. If you are the regular proponent of MPM card then the chance lies at your door step. Keep your schedule programmed for 4th-6th October in Goa. Yes, it is […]

The Revival of Nightlife in India With MPM Card

The British invasion has indeed brought revolution in the lifestyle of the Indians and therefore India should be indebted to it. This comes obvious as at least the people have learned to emulate the western trend. This is quite apparent in the kinds of dresses they wear and the foods and drinks they drool over. […]

MPM card simplifying your presence to the events in India

What is the objective that motivates an individual? Definitely, it is the pursuit of happiness. Long sustenance of working hours eventually culminates in making you fulfilled with sheer satisfaction. Then to stay connected to the workstation persistently needs frequent amusement from the outsides. This entails occasional visit to the hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges and to […]