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nightlife in indiaWith the advent of globalization, the Indian economy improved drastically. With people getting better-paid jobs and more jobs for the youth, the young India now stands on its feet. With this, the effect of the west has not been far behind. An affluent, comfortable and a fresh lifestyle is what every young individual of India aims for. And a few strokes of freshness are international restaurants offering all types of cuisines, wellness clubs, pubs and everything not-so-Indian.

Nightlife in India that included retro clubs, dinners and parties were an idea well suited only to a few elite of the Indian society and not for everybody. But with the Indian economy going and the times changing, this nightlife started becoming affordable to a wider range of class. More pubs started to open and today, every city has at least one lounge that everybody goes or wants to go to. These have indeed become a characteristic of the metropolitan cities.

Another reason why the nightlife in India has grown so much is because people don’t get time to unwind or meet their friends in the day because of hectic work schedules. It is only in the evenings or even late evenings that they get time for themselves or their families. Also, a majority of the Indian families are no more a conservative lot and they understand that the youth today is undergoing so much pressure which did not even exist in their times. So their ways of unwinding themselves have become different as well!

India’s metropolitan cities have some of the most beautiful and the most happening nightclubs with all the international DJ is conducting the nights. Everybody is now accepting new music styles like Jazz and there are many places where such different performances take place – international and national both. Breweries and restaurants are not far behind as well. With huge investments being put in, these places cater to the urban section of the society who can pay for and enjoy what they have to offer. International concepts have been blended with the traditional Indian styles and a new India is emerging out of it.

It is very interesting to see that this bluing of the nightlife in India has become an integral part of the urban metropolitan culture of India and is still growing. It signifies youth, wealth, progress and the attitude towards life.  Overall, the nightlife of India is doing well.  With its vibrant and a unique culture, it has something for everybody. Be it some of the most beautiful and talented traditional performances or the unique international ones. Cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Goa are the best cities to experience India’s nightlife.

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