Mypurplemartini- Enjoy the Flavour of Partying With Us

The youth of today’s time is mostly allured towards any kind of night life which may include drinks, party and loads more. They keep on searching for places where the nightlife is the best. They search for a place, which has good discos, good night clubs, good party atmosphere and where they can enjoy to the fullest safely. A city without a good nightlife is just a ship without radar. And the youth of today’s time tag it as ‘bore’. Parties, music, alcohol and friends make up the party atmosphere. Live shows by various bands and performers just add up to the moment of the place. We, at purple martini give our best to give all the information to the youths of today’s time who look forward to nightlife and parties.

Mypurplemartini is a unique platform, which presents prevailing tools, and user generated content to help members manage their private, social and business lives. People can obtain all sort of relevant news, dates of events and venues on the site and share it with their friends with a single click of mouse – all at one single website. Just a simple membership registration under the roof of purple martini and one can get every single detail related to events in India and much more. We at give ourselves the pleasure and we feel proud naming ourselves India’s first social networking nightlife and lifestyle portal which offers a party maniac with everything. We also help the new party goers chose the kind of drink they need to buy and one of the best deals in India so that the person doesn’t feel it’s too much and can enjoy to the fullest level.

It also gives the option to choose from the best events in India visit them and have fun enjoying the madness of partying. There are also 24*7 ongoing contests going on for the entertainment of the members of the club and for the enjoyment for them. One can also choose from their vast album, which relates to the songs of some famous singers, some famous albums and lots more.

To know the location nearest to you, where some events in India are going on one might also check out the venues tab stored in the site. Through the site, one might also connect with other likeminded people and they can also meet the people at destined places. With the help of purple martini, one might also book tickets for the events and get one if the best deals in India. No one knows, you might be the lucky one.

For all these enjoyment and for loads more, visit and get a membership! Then you will be left with loads of fun and loads of party. So, happy partying!

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