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Delhi has recently changed its outlook from just walking into a decorated lobby of weddings, receptions and private parties to night time alternatives of pubs, clubs of the five star hotels. The nightlife alternatives for a young professional who looks forward to a change or a stress buster, has not only multiplied but also has become informal. After a period of several years of being limited to just hotel bars, clubs and parties, a resident of New Delhi can now look forward to an out of the box nightlife in places like Grey Garden. The nightlife in Delhi has undergone a massive overhaul from what it was a year ago. The nightlife is practically reinventing itself every night.

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A major change has been noticed in Hauz Khas Village in the neighbourhood of Southern Delhi, which is mainly filled with forests and a residence to a bohemian crowd. The key transition from the poster district to the island of Delhi full of active nightlife occurs after the sunsets. Hardly a week goes by without a new hotel, bar or a restaurant cropping up or being renovated in Delhi. Hotel Leela in Chanakyapuri has increased the expectations of a posh nightlife because of its beautiful chandeliers, very well maintained sandstone interiors and a menu that runs well into 25 pages!

Geoffrey’s is our country’s only British styled pub with lavish chestnut wood interior and delicious cuisine. It is known for its professional service and provides classy entertainment throughout the night. Blue Frog has been famous for live concerts and its splendid Jazz music and live jam sessions. People with a refined taste and interest in music go there to release themselves from stress and spend a good amount of night there. Turquoise Tortoise is a well-known bar and pub. It is famous for different drinks with an ambience that perfectly appeals to the citizens of Delhi.

Parties in nightclubs of Delhi, restaurants and bars are quite common in this metropolitan city, but there are also some curfews and restrictions regarding the drinking rules. The ongoing issues regarding the safety of a girl along with drink and drive accidents have forced the officials to make restrictions and impose rules on the nightlife. The drinking age has been raised by the government to discourage any kind of mishaps. The city has dwellers from all parts of India, all age groups and therefore the nightlife has developed to felicitate their pleasures. Classical concerts are also a part of the nightlife of this city and are highly appreciated by the people interested.

Booking of tickets can be done online with the help of online social communities like It helps you get tickets easily for any concert in any part of India. However, our country did not have an active nightlife a few years ago, but now, the transition has occurred over a significant period. The influence of the west cannot be denied either.

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