My talking about Nightlife in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the first metropolitan cities of India. Like its counterparts around the country, Kolkata too offers a broad array of nightlife entertainment ranging from posh to sleazy. The area around Park Street is home to some of the finest restaurants and pubs, which provide an ideal ambience to grab a few drinks with your buds. There are some trendy clubs in the upmarket, which gives one a chance to get loosen up and experience the best of Kolkata’s night life. Kolkata is city which is growing as a major nightlife hot spot, on par with the other metropolitans like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

live shows in indiaKolkata actively host live shows and events regularly, and they come in both small and large packages. The live music circuit is active with a wide variety of genres ranging from soulful Sufi and ghazal shows to high-octane Metal concerts. Apart from music, a healthy growth of theatre culture can be seen in Kolkata. Popular plays in both English and Bengali are performed round the year in various destinations around the city. This City of Joy organises various live events every year on a grand scale concerts. Various award functions that attract a hoard of people are also organized. The huge craze among people for these live events is evident from the number of shows being regularly organized in Kolkata. Singers, music composers, artists, models, journalists, choreographers, small screen tele-stars and cine stars have created difference in the hearts of common people.

Cinema has also found a strong penchant among the people of Kolkata. The world-renowned Bengali movie industry is strong rooted in Kolkata. Cinema from the streets of Kolkata has reached a global audience, and has found a strong fan base world over- thanks to filmmakers like Satyajit Ray.

Kolkata has also been a host to different kinds of live events like radio shows, sports events, dance competitions, cookery shows, singing competitions and many such events are organised every year. Every year this city serves an effective platform for the celebrities to connect with their fans in Kolkata. A variety of shows are organised by different Bengali stars and tele-stars.

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