Live Shows in India makes your weekends groovy



Live shows packed with oodles of showbiz, glitz and glamour, the occasional star presence and usually a LOT of wild personalities and mind-blowing talent! Whether it is a music concert, or a dance reality show, or a stand-up comedy gala – it is an experience in itself! The screaming, delirious crowd full of enthusiasm and an infectious and contagious energy, the catcalls, the cheering and applause, the blinding lights and of course, the performances! Experiencing a night like this can be a mood-booster, all right!

Of course, not all live shows are this loud – the somber ones have a charisma of their own. Operas and screenings leave a person feeling, literally, enchanted and spellbound. On the one hand, we have heavy-metal bands giving a performance to the neck-cricking and throat-blaring masses, whereas, on the other, we have a silent and enrapturing performance by the actors of a theatre that leaves the audience enthralled and sometimes, moved to tears. Both these types of events in India have a great appeal and have been attracting people throughout the ages.

What is it about a live, un-recorded, un-edited and on-the-spot exhibition that attracts us so much? Is it because of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get nature of the entire act – or is it because we believe that seeing something in person makes it much more real than seeing a toned-down, taped or recorded version of it? For some, seeing their idols and role models is enough of a lure to attend their live performance, however, some people just want to breathe in the energy and positive vibes that are present in such a place.

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Events are the different part than live shows because in the events we choose to go for the djs, for food parties and they are very different from the live shows. Enjoy part awesome in the events too but the live shows keep the grove on.

Events in India are very interesting thing that people like it because they always try to low their stress. It encourages people and they feel better to go for again for work. It’s amazing feel when you have your drink with your friends in a club in the presence of a reputed Dj and having a great time with them.

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