Lifestyle is Changing With the Need of Nightlife in India

While India is not especially known for a wild and crazy nightlife scene, it does not mean that there is any dearth of it in the country. Whether you seek a beer pub with rock music covers melding themselves into the background or a dance club, complete with vodka shots, upbeat music and disco lights, India’s nightlife has it all. The country is replete with posh restaurants, trendy pubs, jazzy nightclubs, happening discotheques and rest assured, a night out in India will give you a lot of fun.

Mumbai nightlife in india

Nightlife in India can take a variety of forms. There are outdoor hippie-style parties in places like Goa and Manali which may follow a psychedelic and trance theme to which everybody is invited. There are also indoor clubs in all the major cities which play the latest Bollywood music and encourage all party-goers to dance their nights away. However, these may involve a cover charge and alcohol and food may be accordingly expensive. Another popular option for those nocturnal folks is the rise of resto-pubs or resto-bars where you can enjoy a good dinner along with drinks.

These are the often sought after hangout options for many young professionals and college students as they also usually call local bands to play while you enjoy your evening. This setting is perfect for those who want to spend their evening relaxed and in the company of good music. For those who wish to spend their nights immersing themselves in the arts, there is an endless repertoire of opportunities to drown in the cultural wonder of India. In every major city, there are cultural programmes put up. Right from dance performances to music to theatre, you will not find a single evening in India devoid of entertainment. Each city displays its own culture in these performances and hence no two cities will provide you with an identical experience.

The important thing to be remembered when thinking of nightlife in India is the alcohol factor. There are places where alcohol is a huge part of the nightlife, like in cities like Bombay and Delhi whereas in the state of Gujarat, alcohol is prohibited and nightlife is restricted to non-alcoholic times. The legal drinking age also varies from state to state. In Delhi and Maharashtra, for example, the age is 25 while it is 21 in West Bengal and Karnataka and 18 in Goa and Kerala.

It is probably a good idea to check up on the legal drinking age in the state you are in before you go out to drink. Another thing to be kept in mind is the curfew time that different places in India have. While some cities have no curfew, others may impose it as early as 11 or 11:30 PM and this is also another thing that you may have to look up on before you go out partying your night away.

A night out in India, whether or not it is with alcohol, will always be a memorable one and we can show you all the best places to spend your nights, guaranteeing an exceptionally unforgettable time. To get the best of Nightlife in India, register at – a one-stop-shop for Best deals, latest news, events and venues and a social networking portal where you can share all the details with your friends too!

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