Go Party and Enjoy Live Shows with Sunburn Music Festival 2013

Although it is the smallest state of the country by area, Goa offers you exceptional experiences, which even the biggest and most populous states, cannot. It is one of its kinds with countless pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and bars. What makes Goa one of the most wanted places by the youth is its aliveness, youthfulness and never-ending fun. Not to mention the innumerable wonderful beaches, the cheap drinks and all the pretty girls, make you go gaga over Goa. Music and dance is in the blood of the goans. Living in a city like Goa is in itself a celebration.

A number of vibrant events keep happening in the city including parties, concerts, shows and a lot more. Live shows in Goa happen frequently. It is quite obvious to say that there is no term of comparison between a live performance and a television show- be it in terms of excitement associated with it; the liveliness and energy of the crowd; the golden chance of being so close to your favorite celebrities- singers, dancers and actors; or the advantage of no interruptions due to advertisements, they are worth attending. More than anything else, attending a live performance gives you a feeling of liveliness. In addition, who knows you get lucky enough to meet and get an autograph from your favorite celeb and it stays with you throughout lifetime as the most cherished memory. However, most of the times we miss out some amazing lives shows due to lack of information.

Fret no more for the details of Sunburn Music Festival Live Show in Goa. Here you will enjoy the music life for full 3 days and the party animals by enjoying on all the events and live shows scenes. Most of the best artists for Sunburn are coming on 27 to 29 december 2013.My Purple Martini adds a new dimension to the nightlife of a delhiite. Not only can you get information about the best possible way of spending your evening out and enjoying the Live Shows in Goa but you can network with other partygoers across the country at the same time. It gives you the platform to connect with a million others, who are in fact, the same as you. Our tool of market segmentation allows our registered users to get information (via Email and SMS) exclusively about the kind of events they would be interested in going to. Our portal not only offers powerful tools and content generated by users to help registered members manage their private and business lives but through social profiling it’s a great match for advertising and promotion.

Registering a huge success, our portal is already popular among the partygoers across the country. We already have more than 7000 members and 120 clubs/bars registered with us.

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