Find perfect deals in India for events and live shows

Hot deals in india

Hot deals in india

Nightlife in India is gradually becoming more happening and rocking in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This actually reflects the changing outlook of modern India, where hectic schedules and demanding lifestyle leaves the youngster a little time to have some means of recreation. Already exhausted by the day’s work, one will never want to search for the best party place in town let alone searching for the best deals in India. is a web portal which solves maximum of your queries in this regard. is one of its own kinds – Lifestyle Networking Portal which not only connects people from PAN India but also provides information and passes to live shows and events. One of the best features of – that is the person is quoted with the events and parties considering his choices about place and nature of event. Thus one can spare scrolling from a list of numerous events which are inconvenient due to distance or likings. The events, parties and shows are stated well before the gala day so that one gets ample time to make plans and prepare in advance avoiding last minute rush. As the events are quoted in city wise manner, it is also possible to get the idea that which event is hit in your city. Thus you can easily rate different events and deals in India on your own and choose to go whichever you want. has been accredited with a highly efficient PAN India network comprising various clubs, lounges, restaurant-cum-bars, pubs and discos. This will save you with a reasonable amount of your money so that you can freely plan your next hangout. Moreover, the social network at helps you share all the news and deals with your friends in a convenient manner.

Discount Cards, Coupons and the Best Deals

Mypurplemartini in collaboration with FHM, a leading fashion magazine for men, offers FHM MPM membership card which enables you to explore the world of exciting discounts and amazing deals in India and at different venues round the globe. The list of associate members of the scheme can be checked on portal and we assure you to make similar exciting addition further too. The idea is to pamper the repeated guest visitors of the site for their loyalty and admiration towards in the best way possible. The card and membership can be easily subscribed by paying a registration fee amount to 2500 INR which is inclusive of all the taxes and courier charge.

Apart from this, another card as MPM club card is been launched to get one of the highest discounts across India. This includes discounts up to 50% at more than 1000 outlets of various retail chains along with restaurants, bar, hotels, gymnasiums and spas. The list of affiliated spots all over the country for these fantastic deals in India can be referred from mypurplemartini portal.

Even by registering as a user on mypurplemartini portal you get the access to many surprisingly tempting deals in India which includes happy hours, special fests and discounts for different restaurants, lounges and bars etc. Thus it is your turn to choose yourself from the best deals in India via

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